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the Radiancy Facial for a Youthful Glow


Kona Radiancy LHE(Light, Heat, Energy)

A wonderful intense Light Heat Energy treatment with the Kona Radicancy machine. It increases collagen production, lightens skin, diminishes fine lines and wrinkles. Come allow your own body to create the best skin to be in. Be You.

Kona Radiancy LHE(Light, Heat, Energy) for Face

30 minutes $200.00
Face Series of 4 - 30 minutes $600.00

Kona Radiancy LHE(Light, Heat, Energy) for Neck

30 minutes $150.00
Neck Series for 4 - 30 minutes $450.00

Kona Radiancy LHE(Light, Heat, Energy) for Chest

30 minutes $250.00
Chest Series for 4 - 30 minutes $750.00

Clear Touch for Acne Sufferers

A Light and Heat Therapy for acne sufferers to kill acne bacteria and heal the spots. Need to be done as a series for greatest benefit.

Clearing Facial

30 minutes $60.00

Clearing Facial with Extractions

50 minutes $110.00

Golfer's Package

Your elbows and forearms will be worked over thoroughly, while your hip and leg muscles will be stretched and massaged. Enjoy the benefits of Vitamin C and antioxidants to face the world with less wrinkles. Being limber will help your swing and power to drive your golf game.

Golfer's Elbow and Swing Massage

60 minutes $120.00
90 minutes $170.00

Golfer's Facial

Express 25 minutes $60.00
60 minutes includes FSD Light Therapy $140.00

The Royal Treatment

When you want the benefits of Massage and Facials for ultimate pampering.

The Royal Treatment for Women

Princess Package $210.00
Be a Queen Package $310.00

The Royal Treatment for Men

Prince Package $210.00
Fit For a King Package $310.00


Guided Massage

50 minutes each $250.00

Couples Massage

50 minutes each $220.00
80 minutes each $320.00

Bi Yu Signature Massage

50 minutes $110.00
80 minutes $160.00

The Washington Jaw Treatment

Jaw Massage + Comprehensive Bodywork $180.00
Jaw Massage + Bodywork $130.00
Jaw Massage + Dermalife $125.00
Jaw Massage Only $80.00

CrackBerry Thumbs and KeyBored Wrists Massage

30 minutes Stand Alone Service $80.00
50 minutes Stand Alone Service $120.00
30 minutes Add On to Signature Massage $60.00

Stress Melt

Facial and Body $300.00
Body Pampering $210.00

Deluxe Pampering

Face and Body $210.00
Concentrated Body $210.00
Deluxe Face and Body $310.00

30 Minute Stress Break

30 minutes $60.00

Body Treatments

Swedish Miracle Wrap

110 minutes $200.00

Propolis Body Wrap

50 minutes $110.00

Noni Body Wrap

50 minutes $110.00

Cellulite Treatment

50 minute treatment $140.00
Series of 6 50 minute treatments $700.00
Series of 12 50 minute treatments $1200.00

Mineral Mimosa Body Treatment

50 minutes $110.00

Skin Care

Bi Yu Chakra & Crystal Facial Experience

The Bi Yu Chakra & Crystal Experience $160.00

Signature Be You Facial

80 minutes $160.00
50 minutes $110.00
Classic Facial Express $55.00

Be You Radiancy FSD Facial

80 minutes $250.00
Series of Eight 80 minutes Radiancy Facials $1600.00

Add Ons

Hot Stone Treatment

Add Hot Stone Treatment to any Massage $20.00


Enhance The Massage Experience $45.00

Hand and Foot Treatment

Add On to Your Massage or Facial $40.00

Hand Treatment

10 minutes $20.00

Foot Treatment

Add On to Your Massage or Facial $20.00

Post Operative Massage

Lymphatic Drainage and Reiki energy to help in the healing and results of cosmetic surgery.

Lymphatic Drainage and Reiki

50 minutes $160.00

Brows and Lashes

Services for the Brows and Lashes

Brow Shaping

20 minutes $45.00

Brow Tinting

10 minutes $25.00

Lash Tinting

10 minutes $25.00