The Tree of Genesis is installed at Be You Spa to Support the Washington, DC metro area with a Chamber of Light

Whenever you walk into Be You Spa, you are surrounded by a complete set of 27 BioGenesis Wheels along with The Tree of Genesis, other crystal and mineral energies as well as the intentions of a Reiki Master.  If you are sensitive to energies, you might notice the feeling of protection and support created by Hyun.  

BioGenesis energy tools were quite a find when we found them over ten years ago.  Since then we dabbled in their use until the spring of 2007 when Brian found himself recovering from Necrotizing Fasciitis a freak Group A Strep illness and subsequent radical treatment.  Use of the trauma tools made quite a positive difference in the speed and quality of recovery, leading his surgeon to inquire "What is your relationship with the Almighty?"  Seems pretty good given his left arm is still there to carry a scar!  We have always used them in the space and it protects and creates a harmonic space for Love, Gratitude and Joy!  Look for the wheels around the ceiling of our new spa location.  
There are many new ways to use the tools. I like to say it is using sacred geometry to amplify different aspects of Light.  I also love the statement, "Perfection is the natural state! Light is Triumphant!" Now that the Tree of Genesis has been installed, Be You Spa is a Chamber of Light. During the month of Septermber a BioGenesis Treatment is $125 instead of $160. Allow the Light to amplify and protect you while letting go of the past and preparation for the soul to make a great leap forward. I love what it has done for myself, clients and friends.

As Brian says about his arm: Miracles happen and a miracle can happen to you too; BioGenesis is a good way to start making miracles happen.