About Hyun and Be You Spa

Be You Bi Yu Spa is the realization of the dream and ambition of founder Hyun Martin, CMT/LE.

Despite graduating with a B. A. in Political Science/Minor in Business from Indiana University, Hyun came to Washington, DC to change the world.

In the 1990s, Hyun traveled the world providing spiritual healing and massage for heads of state, Fortune 500 CEOs, Wall Street brokers, movie stars, rock stars and royalty, having a practice spanning London, New York and Washington, DC.  As an employee of The Ritz Carlton in Washington and other prestigious fitness centers and spas, Hyun realized she could feel the subtle energies of people, crystals and places and decided to open her own Spa in 2006.

Prior to opening Be You Bi You Spa, Hyun made the decision to study under gifted healers across the country and around the world.  She obtained training in Swedish and Chakra massage, and honed her skills as an esthetician to include relaxing facials, wraps, and post-surgical Lymphatic Drainage Massage (LDM).

Hyun says, “I have seen people have liposuction performed on their chin, mid-body, or legs, including celebrities with whom I have worked with in the past.  After I performed multiple LDM sessions, they reported a more rapid healing process, reduced swelling, and a better appearance in a shorter amount of time. Increasing the blood flow through LDM in multiple sessions made all the difference in their appearance and recovery, if done within the first 6 weeks post-surgery.”

Hyun wanted to create an experience of wholeness and aligning the body, mind, emotions and spirit in a center. Her dream has continued to evolve and transform itself as her goals have changed.  If you would like to experience how she and her team can nurture and feed the spark of Spirit, please contact us.

Her closing prayer for everyone she treats:

“Breathe in the Light. You are Connected to the Light! You have the Light Within You. You are Surrounded, Healed and Protected by the Light And All Is Well! May you find Ease, Joy and Happiness on Your Journey of Being You!”

Be well and Be You Always!